Pine Orchard Kikos
A small family farm providing quality Kiko breeding stock

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Why Kikos?

For us, it's been an evolving process.  Having started with Boers, our first Kiko was a buck.  For several years, we produced Boer/Kiko crosses for meat goat production.  In 2018, we purchased SDR Danny Boy Bear. Danny is a 100% New Zealand.  In early 2019, we purchased our first two registered Kiko doe.  These two are WHF Hoss's Little Princess and CLP Ragin Rivers Wilma, both Purebred.  From that point on, we began focusing entirely on the purity of the breed.  Why?

Kikos are

  • More parasite resistant, or at least have a higher tolerance of parasites
  • Fast growing
  • Good temperament
  • Have great maternal instincts